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Coretta’s Global Peace Garden (CGPG) is being developed to celebrate the globally-respected peace work of a GREAT sister in our Global Family - Mrs. Coretta Scott King. This soon-to-be huge garden will beneficently support the global peace legacy of Atlanta. It will promote the concepts that cultivating Peace and enhancing Justice need to be cherished in Dr. King's birthplace, around the USA & world, and in both creative and new perspectives. CGPG will emphatically and unequivocally propel the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace which is supported by over 1000 peace organizations worldwide. The bottom-line is that Mrs. King developed Atlanta's greatest asset more than anyone. We have termed it:

"The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection"

Westside Park” (see images in Gallery link) is a proposed park in the City of Atlanta to be located on the site of the former Bellwood Quarry. The city currently proposes that the land be used to create a 300+ acre park with a 45-acre lake which would also serve as a 2.4+ BILLION gallon drinking water reservoir (Note: we want to scale an additional initiative and have it officially named: "THOREAU PEACE POND" in celebration of Henry David Thoreau's Bicentennial: 1817-2017).

The city's plan is to have this reservoir & park to become an integral part portion of the extensive Belt Line project; i.e. to construct a ring of parks, gardens, trails, and transit surrounding the core of Atlanta. The proposed
Westside Park is nearly twice the size of Atlanta's current largest city park, Piedmont Park, and our DREAM is that it eventually grows to become "The World's Largest Peace Garden."

This PDF is a Belt Line schematic of the proposed Westisde Park

This online article is about Quarry in the proposed Westisde Park

Coretta Scott King stated:
"Mohandas K. Gandhi, who inspired Martin, echoed,
'we should train for nonviolence with the fullest faith in its limitless possibilities.'
Both Gandhi and my husband understood that the great advantage of nonviolence
is that its success does not depend on the integrity of political leaders.
It depends on the courage and commitment from people of goodwill."

Mahatma ('Great Soul') Gandhi presciently proclaimed THIS in 1930
-- years before intl. women's movement --
”If​ ​nonviolence​ ​is​ ​the​ ​law​ ​of​ ​our​ ​being,​ ​the​ ​future​ ​is​ ​with​ ​woman​.
Who​ ​can​ ​make​ ​a​ ​more​ ​effective​ ​appeal​ ​to​ ​the​ ​heart​ ​than​ ​woman?”

Coretta​ ​Scott​ ​King​, from her great peace legacy and grave, can become
the embodiment of Gandhi’s “FUTURE quote” (above) by REMINDING ALL...
“Women,​ ​if​ ​the​ ​soul​ ​of​ ​the​ ​nation​ ​is​ ​to​ ​be​ ​saved
then​ ​I​ ​believe​ ​that​ ​you​ ​must​ ​become​ ​its​ ​soul.”
- - -

As many worldwide already know, Gandhi, Dr. & Mrs. King were greatly inspired by Henry David Thoreau. Many around the USA & World are now celebrating the 200th Anniversary of his birth; his Bicentennial (1817-2017). Each July 23rd is the Peace-Action Anniversary of Thoreau (July 23, 1846) when his GREAT thesis was published:
“On Civil Disobedience”

ASIA Society: "Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr."

On this special anniversary date we will develop annual events with citizens of Atlanta so that the 300+ acres around Bellwood Quarry may eventually become Coretta's Global Peace Garden (CGPG). May we all seize this wonderful opportunity to inspire the 1000+ peace organizations worldwide that are registered with The International Decade for a Culture of Peace. Everyone is invited to participate in properly naming our newest and biggest green space so that our city’s global peace legacy can be nurtured, and Global Peace for our Global Family can be cultivated. Note: Atlanta is the ideal location for creating “The World’s Biggest Peace Garden.” Through this site we now invite any and all internationally respected landscape designers to submit development plans/ideas.

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