Coretta's Global Peace Garden (CGPG)


Coretta's Global Peace Garden (CGPG) can become the centerpiece of the 70-peace gardens already established around metro-Atlanta. Also, once all of these peace gardens are connected, plus many others are established, then by default, Dr. King's birthplace would become "The World's Biggest Peace Garden." No other city on Earth is better-positioned to become an inspiration to our entire global family. This is a fitting DREAM for the birthplace of Dr. King and where he authored "I HAVE A DREAM!"

View of the Quarry Pit that will become a ONE+ BILLION gallon freshwater reservoir in the 350+ acre peace garden

Proposed name for the new fresh-water reservoir:
"Thoreau's Peace Pond"
Mrs. King's many, MANY years of peace work continues to refresh many worldwide... like a tall glass of fresh & cool spring water. As many know, Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden Pond in 1845 and his 1849 treatise on Civil Disobedience inspired Gandhi, Dr. King & Mrs. King - plus many others around the world. Therefore, "Thoreau's Peace Pond" can eventually be a constant reminder to our global family about his extraordinary example).

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