Coretta's Global Peace Garden (CGPG)
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SEEKING Bold Intl. Garden Design Firm for Historic Project

Invitation: Want to "PLANT" world's biggest peace garden with us?
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Please Send Proposals/Replies to: info at GlobalPeaceGarden dot org

INVITATION: We welcome your help and everyone's help (local-international) to 'plant' the seeds of "The World's Largest Peace Garden" in celebration of "Coretta", an internationally-respected sister in our Global Family. Everyone (local-global) is invited to be a key official co-founder and co-creator of this huge new peace garden...

We welcome your proposals. 
We are seeking civic, government and business leaders (local-global) to partner with us in planning and planting "The World's Largest Peace Garden" (300+ acres). Who knows? There may soon be Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, plus presidents and prime ministers of national governments worldwide who would want to connect as key collaborators for this dynamic project, right? Our DREAM is for all and from everywhere on Planet Earth.

Dr. King's birthplace has a huge new piece of property available. City leaders are in the early stages of envisioning it as a park, and we are inviting you and ALL to help us rename it in memory of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, an internationally respected peace builder. Let's honor this GREAT sister in our Global Family and call it:

Coretta's Global Peace Garden (CGPG)
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(19 USA-States and 12 Countries already represented)

[SEEKING Global PR Firm like Burson-Marsteller for generating intl. publicity]

Teachers (local-global) engage your students as Co-Founders
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- We Invite All Dreamers of Our Global Family -
"Help us scale up our CGPG initiative!"

(note: all funds go to developing petition initiative; not salaries/staff)

OPINION COLUMN: Coretta, our Global Family's GREAT sister - 10th Memorial-Anniversary Appeal

PRESS RELEASE: Musicians, please host concerts for "Coretta's Global Peace Garden"

We also seek bold philanthropists, web-designers, social network activists and community program developers to scale this project. Help us rename Atlanta's proposed Westside Park and brand it as a gigantic Peace Garden. Doing so, we can propel Atlanta's global peace legacy and nurture health to our entire global family. After it is developed, it will be almost two-times larger than Atlanta's Piedmont Park and our DREAM is that it eventually grows to become "The World's Largest Peace Garden." 
This timely peace project seeks to scale-up now and for these worthy reasons:

To assist many in memorializing the 12th Anniversary of...
Coretta Scott King's Passing (Jan. 30, 2006-2018)

To assist many in celebrating the recent 50th Anniversary Year of...
Dr. Martin Luther King’s Nobel Peace Prize
"The Quest for Peace & Justice"

Interested Supporters & Stakeholders, please go to 'Contact Us' link or send PDF "Letters of Endorsement" (suitable for posting) to our email:

When Coretta Scott King passed away on January 30, 2006 (same day-of-the-month as Gandhi; Jan 30, 1948) US-Congressman John Lewis proclaimed...
"Coretta Scott King institutionalized
Martin’s memory for generations to come-–
and so it’s not just his memory,
but also his method and message.
She must be remembered, in my estimation,
as one of the founding mothers
of the new America."

THANKS for supporting our Jan 27 launch-event!

Press Release: Cafe 290 & Elliot Holden hosted launch-event

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